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Need gardening advice?Updated 3 months ago

Thanks so much for thinking of us for your garden! Botanical Interests & our teammates at Epic Gardening are here to help!

Here are a few articles by our fabulous staff at Botanical Interests: Botanical Interests Blog.

Be sure to check out our Epic Gardening blog. We have the equivalent of 75000 novels of gardening info written by Kevin and our team, so you'll likely find the help you need! You can search for your topic in the search bar.

Due to the high volume of requests, our small team is not able to offer personalized, one-on-one gardening consultations or address individual gardening inquiries at this time. However, we have a wealth of gardening resources at your disposal. 

We also have a mountain of video information through our YouTube Channels: Epic Gardening, Epic Homesteading, and Jacques in the Garden, all of which provide great visual information that can take your gardening to the next level.

Our podcasts, Epic Gardening and In Search of Soil, are available through your podcast app of choice, or you can listen to them online at this link.

You can also join our Epic Gardening community group on Facebook!  We have over 40,000 active members who are always sharing photos, challenges, and solutions.

For regional advice from folks who know your climate and zone information, we suggest contacting your local agriculture department at your University Extension. Here is a list of approved EXTENSIONS.

Finally, for more real-time conversations, feel free to join the Epic Gardening Discord Server, where 8,000+ other gardeners share their experiences. This is a very active group for gardeners of all levels. They are very engaged and have great regional and local knowledge and resources. 

Please feel free to explore any of the above links for assistance. We remain dedicated to supporting you in your gardening journey! 

If you have any issues contact us at [email protected]. A member of our customer service team will get back to you on the next business day.

Want more gardening info? Check out our other resources:

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