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How Much Soil Do I Need to Fill my Birdies Garden Bed?Updated 2 months ago

Most models of our Birdies Garden Beds can be configured to many different dimensions as they're constructed via panels. This causes the soil requirements to change based on the dimensions you choose.

To make this simpler for you, we've created a chart for each model showcasing the dimensions and the required soil in both cubic feet and cubic yards.

For the taller models, we recommend filling an initial portion of your bed with organic matter such as logs and yard waste (leaves, grass, bush/tree trimmings, etc.) or browns such as cardboard and straw. Watch the following video for a demonstration of how to save 60%+ on your soil costs:

Note: Keep in mind that most bags of soil contain 1.5-2 cubic feet by volume of soil. To calculate how many bags you need simply divide the required cubic feet by the volume of the bagged soil you are using and round up to account for settling.  If you have a lot of beds to fill call around to local nurseries to see if you can order a bulk load of soil, often times this could be the cheapest and most convenient option. 

next gen soil specs_2024.pdf5.2MB

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