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Is the ink on your boxes safe?Updated a month ago

What's the scoop on the ink for your packaging?  
We're all about keeping things green and clean, which is why we print our packaging with soy-based ink. This plant-powered ink is what covers 99% of packaging worldwide. We've said goodbye to the 1% of chemical-based inks for the sake of Mother Earth.

Do you use any other inks for your packaging? 
At the moment, soy-based ink is our go-to for all our packaging needs. It's the eco-friendliest option out there, and we haven't found a better alternative that matches our environmental commitment.

How eco-friendly are your boxes? 
Our boxes aren't just ordinary boxes; they're eco-warriors. Made to be compostable and recyclable, they sport soy-based ink prints that break down easily back into the earth. We're all about that leave-no-trace life.

Is the ink on your packaging safe around food?
Yes, indeed! The soy-based ink we use is food-grade, making it totally safe for human consumption. We care about what goes into our gardens and onto our tables.

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