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Are your seeds GMO (Genetically Modified Organism/Genetically Engineered)?

No. We have signed the Safe Seed Pledge and have had our seeds verified to be free of GMOs by a third party, The Non-GMO Verified Project.

How many of your seeds are organic, heirloom, or native?

We currently carry 238 organic, 349 heirloom, and 29 native varieties.

How does Botanical Interests define "heirloom"?

Botanical Interests considers open-pollinated varieties over 50 years old to be heirloom.

Do your seeds contain neonicotinoids or other pesticides?

No. Our seeds are not treated with neonicotinoids or other pesticides, or anything else.

Can I use past-date seed?

Botanical Interests guarantees satisfaction on all of our seeds through the date printed on the back of each packet. Germination rates may vary for seeds past this date. If using past-date seeds, we recommend sowing at twice the suggested rate.

What is the best way to store unused seed for future plantings?

Store opened or unopened seed packets in a cool, dry, and dark place until your next sowing.

Do you sell seed in bulk?

Botanical Interests does not sell seeds in bulk. Seed packet weights or counts are provided on each product page, and we do not sell in smaller or larger increments.

How many seeds are in a packet?

Seed Quantity per Packet. Our seed packets are tailored to the specific type of seed, and they may be packaged either by weight or by seed count. This means that the packaging method is determined by the characteristics of the seed itself. All of our