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Do you have a catalog?

Yes! Request your copy now.

Does Botanical Interests donate seed to charitable organizations?

Botanical Interests supports non-profit organizations in the United States that inspire and educate gardeners. Eligible organizations include school gardens, community gardens, food banks, homeless shelters, and other qualifying non-profits that prom

Do you still donate funds to organizations through your affiliate program?

We continue to offer our support to schools, non-profits, and charitable organizations through our seed donation program (see above). We also operate an affiliate program, which allows organizations and website owners to earn commission on sales. If

Do you have a storefront in Broomfield, CO?

We do not currently have a storefront at our Broomfield address.

How do I find a location that sells your products?

Please call our customer service department at 877-421-4340 to locate a retailer that carries Botanical Interests' products.

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Do You Offer the Desktop Calendars?

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