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Are Your Boxes Compostable?Updated a month ago

We're thrilled to share that sustainability isn’t just a part of our gardening philosophy; it extends to our packaging too! Our boxes, the dunnage (that’s the paper we use inside the boxes to keep your items safe), and even our brown tape are all designed with the planet in mind. Here's what makes our packaging garden-friendly:

Completely Compostable: Every part of our packaging, from box to tape, can be composted. This means they can go straight into your compost bin and break down into nutrient-rich soil that your garden will love.

Food-Grade Ink Dye: We use food-grade ink dye for any printing on our packaging. This ensures that even the ink breaking down in your compost is safe for your garden and, ultimately, for you.

Safe for Your Compost: Our commitment to sustainability means making sure that everything from packaging to product is environmentally friendly. You can rest easy knowing that adding our packaging to your compost pile contributes positively to your garden’s health without any harmful residues.

So, when you receive a shipment from us, know that you’re not just getting high-quality gardening supplies. You’re also receiving a package that fully embraces our eco-conscious values. After you’ve unpacked your goodies, your garden can benefit from the packaging too!

For more tips on composting and sustainable gardening practices, don’t forget to check out our blog and YouTube channel. Let’s grow our gardens and our green practices together!

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