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2023 Garlic FAQsUpdated 4 months ago

Garlic is an aromatic superfood that no cook should be without! In 2023, we are excited to offer you 14 delicious USDA organic garlic varieties to grow this year. Ten garlic varieties will be available for preorder. We estimate preorders will start shipping in late September or early October. We cannot legally ship garlic to certain states listed below.

How to Choose the Right Garlic for Your Garden:

Garlic is grown worldwide in just about every climate; believe it or not, it is pretty easy! Plant garlic in the fall, wait for it to emerge in the spring, and harvest it in July or August. There are two main types of garlic for you to choose from: hardneck and softneck garlic.

Hardneck garlic is more cold hardy and best for northern climates. It requires the chilly winter (vernalization period) to create full bulbs. As the name implies, hardneck garlic has a stiff central stalk. They are the only kind of garlic that sends up buttery-delicious scapes (flower stalks) during the spring or summer. The cloves tend to be larger, easier to peel, and more complex in flavor.

Softneck garlic is best for mild or warm climates. It only needs mild cold exposure (vernalization) to grow a bulb. This can be easily hacked with 5-10 weeks in a refrigerator before planting. Softneck varieties have a soft stalk for garlic braids. They have a longer storage life, smaller cloves, more wrappers, and mild to hot flavors.

For more detailed information on how to choose the right garlic, click here. 

For tips on how to plant and harvest garlic, click here.

2023 Garlic Availability:

We have 14 varieties of USDA organic garlic. 10 varieties will be available for pre-orders starting August 1, 2023. We expect our garlic to begin shipping in late September - early October, depending on when the crop is ready.

  1. Creole Red
  2. Ajo Rojo
  3. Nootka Rose
  4. Georgian Fire

We expect our garlic to begin shipping in late September or early October, depending on when our farmers fully harvest the crop.

Please note it is possible that some of the garlic crops fail unexpectedly. If crop failures impact the garlic variety you have ordered, we will notify you and send you a substitution chosen by our horticulturists. You can also request a refund with our customer service team if you do not want the substitution. 

Shipping Restrictions:

Due to state restrictions, we cannot ship to Idaho, Hawaii, and the following counties in Washington state: Adams, Benton, Franklin, Grant, and Klickitat (including cities such as Othello, Pasco, Moses Lake, Kennewick, and Richland.) 

Please do not order garlic if you live in one of these locations.

All orders over $49 from are eligible for free shipping.

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